Our Services...


At Get The Drive we try to offer as wide a range of services as possible, this ensures that we can meet the demands of you the customer. From simple paving solutions designed with practicality in mind through to complex installations geared at making your property a real stand out for years to come.


Our major services are listed below with some brief information about them, to find out more contact us to speak with a member of the team who will be on hand to discuss your project and ensure a perfect solution is found.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete


What makes printed concrete amazing is its ability to be anything and everything you want it to be. Using our skills we can replicate stone, cobbles, brick and even a timber finish. With our skills and the versatility of the product the options are limitless.


Available in pretty much an colour it can be blended into any environment and is engineered to stand the test of time.



Block Paving


Block paving has over the past decade established itself as one of the most popular driveway solutions available in the marketplace. It is cost effective and low maintainance. Available in a wide range of styles, colours, sizes and patterns.


Due to its very nature block paving is designed to last, should you have an area of your driveway damaged by an oil spillage, or a block cracked due to an impact the affected area can easily be lifted and replaced.




Durable, pliable and hard wearing Tarmacadam or Tarmac as it is commonly refered to is a perfect solution for driveways, footpaths and other areas requiring a long lasting surface.


As a surfacing solution Tarmac is quick to lay, fast setting and easily moulded to any surface it is applied too. The latest innovations in Tarmac now allow for different dyes to be used to change the colour meaning that Tarmac is no longer a black only product.



Tegula Paving


Tegula Paving is a form of block paving that gives and original and "aged" finish to any area. Much like Block Paving there is a large market of colours, sizes and patterns available to chose from ensuring that your installation can compliment its surroundings.


It is durable and will stand the test of time, requiring little maintainance once installed.

Resin Bound & Resin Bonded


Resin based solutions represent the atest innovation to hit UK markets. Advances made in epoxy resings and polymer development not allow for decorative gravel to be glued to any existing solid surface. Once the resin solution used has dried it is leaves you with a beautiful and striking driveway without the need for you to constantly rake gravel back to where it should be.


The difference is simple, Resin Bound surfaces are created by applying a pre-mixed surface consisting of the desired aggregate and the resin adhesive, this is then applied and smothed out. A Resin Bonded Surface is applied by first applying the resin adhesive and then scattering the stones accross the surface to give a more natural and unsmooth finish.


The Resins used are safe and cause no damage to the enviroment, they are durable and can be transparent or coloured depending on the desired finish. When combined with the huge number of decorative aggregates available just about any colour can be achieved.